Ian Hatton is a Front-end Web Developer.

Take a look at his skills, view some of his latest work, or read a little bit more about the person behind this amazing introduction.

I'm going to stop talking in the third person now.

tl;dr: I've done lots of really cool front-end work for clients such as:

  • GLL
  • Sony Pictures UK
  • Tabasco
  • London Sport
  • IMEX
  • Patak's
  • Canon
  • Bord Bia
  • Children's Food Trust
  • Blue Dragon
  • Tesco
  • Walkabout


I'm a creative, forward-thinking Front-end Web Developer with over 5 years' professional experience. I use clean, modular stylesheets, semantic markup and JavaScript to turn beautiful designs into functional, intuitive builds.

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The art of presenting beautiful content for the web is something that still excites me to this day.

In my opinion CSS always makes the biggest initial impact on user experience, and it's for this reason that I take great care in making sure that my responsive builds look fantastic and feel intuitive—no matter what platform they're being viewed on.

What's going on "under the hood" is just as important as what's presented in the browser, which is why I'm meticulous when it comes to organising my work and being as modular as possible. Spaghetti is good, but CSS spaghetti tastes bad.

I have built great relationships with the designers I have worked with in the past and I'm always happy to provide guidance and constructive criticism where it's due in order to deliver a stunning* final product.

*exact level of stunningness dependent on design.

I have a knowledge of

  • CSS
  • CSS3
  • Sass
  • Less
  • PostCSS
  • Modular CSS
  • Responsive web design
  • Susy
  • Bourbon
  • Compass
  • Bootstrap
  • Font Awesome


“We build too many walls and not enough bridges websites.”

Isaac Newton Ian Hatton

Believe it or not, the HTML behind your website is just as important as what's presented to the user in the browser. I build using meaningful, descriptive markup, not only to benefit search engine optimisation but also to provide assistive technologies with vital information for their users.

I have been lucky enough to work on a wide range of HTML5-based websites across sectors including finance, fitness, food, film and fashion. That's a lot of Fs.

I've also worked on a large number of table-based HTML email campaigns, both responsive and non-responsive and, with the aid of copious amounts of tea, crying and swearing, have always ensured that they are cross-client compatible down to pixel precision (hello Outlook).

I have a knowledge of

  • HTML
  • HTML5
  • HAML
  • ERB
  • Table-based emails
  • Microdata


JavaScript is, without doubt, the most challenging and, at times, frustrating part of my job. Having said that, I also find it the most rewarding.

For me, it's an area of constant learning and improvement, and I've found that the way I write my code has changed greatly over the years. There's nothing like that moment where the penny drops and something turns from a fuzzy understanding into solid knowledge.

I have contributed to a number of projects, each utilising different setups, so I have been exposed to several of the front-running frameworks. I am currently enjoying the powerful combination of Angular and Redux.

I have written a number of vanilla JavaScript modules which are in use across several of the websites I've completed, and I'm looking forward to expanding my knowledge with each new project I work on.

I have a knowledge of

  • ES6
  • JavaScript
  • TypeScript
  • CoffeeScript
  • Angular
  • AngularJS
  • React
  • Redux
  • GSAP
  • jQuery
  • Lodash
  • Bower
  • NPM
  • Gulp
  • Jasmine
  • ESLint

Bits and bobs

Web development fundamentals, platforms and anything else that didn't quite fit into the other categories.

Working in digital agencies has exposed me to a myriad of real-world requirements for web development projects, including usability, accessibility and performance.

The majority of my work has been built on top of Ruby on Rails, which has provided my understanding of MVC architecture and bespoke CMSs, but I've also had experience with WordPress, Tumblr and Shopify, where I've either created themes from scratch or modified existing ones to meet the client's specification.

Over the years, I've factored in browser support all the way down to IE6, so I'm well-versed to the joys of cross-browser testing, compatibility issues and workarounds.

I also rocked GeoCities back in the day, but we don't talk about that, do we?

I have a knowledge of

  • Usability
  • Accessibility
  • Cross-browser testing
  • Progressive enhancement
  • Ruby on Rails (views and controllers)
  • GitHub
  • Adobe Creative Suite
  • WordPress
  • Shopify
  • Tumblr
  • Mailchimp
  • dotMailer
  • Maxemail
  • Middleman


My body of work includes consumer-facing websites, content management systems, emails and rich media advertising.

Below is a selection of recently completed projects. Full case studies coming soon.

London Sport Funding Search Tool

London Sport Funding Search Tool


London Sport approached us with the brief of turning their internally circulated list of grant-funded projects into a fully-responsive, interactive search tool. As the sole front-end on the project, I worked closely with the back-end team and the client to deliver their requirements.

Full case study coming soon.

Portland Resourcing

Portland Resourcing


Portland Resourcing approached the development team to take over the maintenance of their existing site. They wanted to keep the look and feel, whilst improving performance. We did this by stripping away layers of bloat from things like unnecessary jQuery, poorly written views and mismanaged stylesheets.

Full case study coming soon.

About me

Wikipedia have rejected my submission 9 times now, so I've decided to house it here instead.

Your loss, Jimmy Wales.

Ian Hatton

I live in beautiful Letchworth—the world's first Garden City®—with my loving wife, son and two annoying adorable cats.

When I'm not coding or thinking about the web, I'm likely to be found in the garden doing my best to channel my inner Monty Don, in the kitchen making large vats of roasted curry powder or tinkering with open tunings and blues & folk fingerpicking on my parlour guitar.

I'm also a big fan of sitting down. And sleeping. Sleeping is the best.

I've been listening to these beauties:

And reading these:

  • The Silence of the Lambs
  • American Psycho